All Calibrations performed at Cal-Tec, Inc are accompanied with a certificate that provides a documented record of the measurements performed.

As part of our compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements, all certificates must contain the following information:

  • A Title, e.g., "Calibration Certificate";
  • The Name and address of the Calibration Laboratory;
  • Unique identification of the calibration certificate on each page and the total number of pages;
  • Name and address of customer;
  • The calibration procedure of meathod used;
  • Description, condition, and identification of the item used;
  • Date of the calibration was completed;
  • The conditions (e.g. environmental) under which the calibrations were made;
  • The standards used to perform the calibration and their calibration due date;
  • Details of any servicing, adjustments, repairs, or modifications performed;
  • Any limitations of use (if applicable)
  • Printed name and signature of the person accepting responsibility for the content of the certificate;
  • A statement that the certificate shall not be reproduced except in full, without written approval of Cal-Tec, Inc;
  • The Uncertainty of measurement;
  • When the instrument has been adjusted or repaired, the calibration results before and after (if availiable)
  • A traceability statement;
  • Any opinions or interpretations as applicable;

  • Feel free to take the time to veiw an example of a typical calibration certificate below (requires PDF viewer).

    Or you can click the following link to download a copy: Sample Certificate

    Sample Certificate